Leruum London Our Passion and Techniques

Leruum London: Our Passion and Techniques

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Our Fabric

Leruum London Factory Manufacturing Bedding Sets

Our grey cloth (unprocessed fabric) is weaved with special cotton. We use Turkish cotton and prefer high quality single-ply yarn long fibres, which enable us to produce high quality and durable threads, therefore hard-wearing fabrics. Our experience has shown that we achieve more durable products with the use of single-ply per thread rather than two-ply or multiple yarns twisted together.  Our reason to choose certain types of yarns and weaving is that, with the fabric quality achieved, you will not need to worry about the durability of your bedding and wash it as many times as required in your daily routine.

We advocate and use only 100% cotton and believe that there should be no place for artificial synthetic fibres in bedding products. We choose to exclude anything other than cotton such as polyester as comfort, breathability and healthy sleep are our priorities when we are designing our products. If bedding experience is as important to you as to us, we recommend you to double-check the construction of the fabric and find out what kind of yarns are used before purchasing.

145tc and 200tc are our preferred thread counts for their breathability and smoothness. We choose poplin weave (1/1 weave) or satin weave for fabrics weaved in 30 or 40 NE thickness, taking into consideration the product type and pattern.

Please welcome the naturalness of cotton, even if it gets creased, we owe this to our skin. We know what kind of fabric is needed for an ideal sleep experience and this is what we aim to bring to your daily life.

Dying and Printing

We apply the most suitable high quality dying and printing processes on our fabrics and have them certified with OEKO-Tex Standard 100, testing for harmful substances and guaranteeing a healthy and environment-friendly experience.

Ditsy Animal Dog Print Colorful Cotton Duvet Cover Set

The dying and printing techniques are chosen according to the colour and pattern of the fabric.

It is one of the most important processes that needs attention so that our customers do not encounter problems with their products. We  mostly use Pigment and Reactive Digital Printing due to the nature of our products.

Rotary pigment printing: This method is dynamic with quick development time and can be very responsive to the colour result that want to be achieved. It does not require washing after the printing, therefore it can be applied on even very sensitive materials. The final colour is seen during printing and as soon as the printing is complete, therefore it is a less complicated process that guarantees the accuracy of the desired colour. In this technique , the image is curved around a cylinder, which enables us to repeat the pattern at every 64cm or 82cm. Pigment printing is the most common technique used on cotton.

Rotary reactive printing  is another technique we use in our production. It is a much more complex technique that requires a longer period of time for completion. It provides excellent colour saturation and durability. Unlike pigment printing, the final colour is seen only after the washing and finalising the product. This technique is preferred for only specific type of patterns and especially darker and more vibrant colours. This technique also uses a cylinder to print the pattern.

Digital reactive printing is preferred to achieve very detailed patterns and graphics without any restrictions. It is similar to the technique used by inkjet printers. This type of printing can be ideal for vibrant and bright colours, where a single image needs to be printed.

Leruum London Polka Dot Duvet Cover Set

Finishing is our last touch to the fabric; where we achieve the soft or firm touch characteristic of the fabric after the dying/printing process. It is important to note that the fabric will get softer after a few washes. Leruum produces bed linens that soften as you wash them and last for long years to come.

After we make sure the fabric conforms to all the requirements; sizing, cutting and sewing are performed meticulously according to UK standards.

All sewing materials and product materials used are also prepared according to OEKO-Tex Standard requirements.

Quality Guarantee

Leruum London products go through various types of testing such as shrinkage, light fastness, colour fastness, wet and dry crocking (rubbing) tests. Our standards are preserved at every step. Therefore you will not experience shrinkage more than the standard , fading, tearing and pilling with our products.

Our products will have completed a production period of 12 weeks, starting with the cotton processing to quality control. After the final Quality Control stage, Leruum London products reach our customers as safe, healthy and sustainable products that will last for long years to come.

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