100% Turkish cotton floral duvet covers & bedding sets with beautiful English style flower patterns. Check out Leruum London bed linens & bedding bring blossoms to your bedroom with designs from nature.
Fresh blossom bedroom decoration will always be in trend. Whatever your style is, there is always a comeback for a floral duvet cover from time to time. No other pattern brightens and brings spring into beds as floral ones. With a little bit of love and care, you can have a bedroom that's fresh, graceful, and beautiful as flowers. Our floral bed sets are the easiest way to make your room remarkable. They will give you a pleasant sensation when you enter your bedroom and see the lovely pattern. You'll wake up every morning in complete comfort and freshness thanks to fresh blossoms and high quality cotton. They soften with each wash and fit perfectly. We find our Sevilla pink duvet cover very romantic, Sevilla blue duvet cover very fresh and Provance duvet cover very graceful in its pastel pale colors. Adonis's design looks gorgeous, especially on king size duvet cover or a super king duvet cover with its vivid colors. But of course, the choice is yours... Please do not hesitate to gift our products to family and friends since they are made of 100 percent cotton; you would have gifted them not only a beautifully patterned duvet cover but also a healthy, breathable, comfy sleep as well. Sustainable and durable, a Leruum duvet cover bedding set means a gift to be enjoyed for long years to come. A small tip; mothers love our floral duvet covers! They say they are the best duvet cover sets...Would be a perfect Mum's Day gift.