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Our Design Philosophy

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Our Designs

Leruum London Design Duvet Covers

When we started our journey, we had the most driving/motivating idea in mind that we wanted to bring life into bedroom decoration with our designs in various styles.

When it comes to decoration, bedrooms are the most neglected ones to tell the truth, probably due to the fact that it's private and  away from eyes of third parties.  But in fact, it's area we spend at least one third of the day sleeping, rejuvenating, relaxing, making love, meditating, and most importantly being ourselves; actually becoming a sacred corner for our body, mind and soul! So we think, acting out of self worthiness and being kind to ourselves, we should give special care to our bedrooms, we deserve it!

To change the whole decoration is a major decision, but you can change your duvet cover and the whole vibe would change! You can transform your bedroom instantly with this simple but significant touch!

As human beings our emotions and mood change all the time, we thought why not reflect this into our bedrooms. Whichever vibe or style you're longing for or whatever color your soul needs, have a new duvet cover! That's all! It's that easy!

Nature, art, classics, modernism, trends and above all life itself inspire us when we're designing!

The right combination of patterns with colours is what makes the difference we think! We love to combine pink and blue with our floral designs like Sevilla, but to add a touch of modernism  we prefer to have the reversible side in stripes. Or if you are looking for a contemporary style but still creating a soft and calm atmosphere in your bedroom, then Oslo Striped in pale blue, duck egg, blush  and light grey would be a perfect choice. Dots in Tawney Orange and Very Peri would  definitely bring  a bolder look and a chic style,whereas Ditsy with its cute dogs pattern in lively colors would bring joy to your bedrooms.

Leruum London Factory Cutting Fabric

Floral, Geometric, Graphic, Damask, Toile de Jouy, Plain, Check, Plaid, Patchwork, any pattern you're looking for.

Blue, Green, Beige, Red, Pink, Grey, Navy, Multicolour, whatever color your soul needs.

Elegant, Modern Chic, Trendy, Sophisticated, Minimal, Classy, Lovely & Lively, whatever look/style you like to see in your bedroom.

Calm, Peaceful, Happy, Energetic, Passionate, Joyful, whatever vibe you're in.

Check out our collections and you'll find a perfectly matching bedding set!

Spice up your bedroom, spice up your life with a new Leruum duvet cover!

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