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Autumn's Warmth with Polka Dot and Floral Patterns

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Orange & Grey Polka Dot Cotton Duvet Cover Bedding Set

As the leaves change and the air turns crisper, it's the perfect time to update your bedroom with the cozy embrace of autumn. At Leruum, we're excited to introduce our exclusive bedding collections that capture the essence of this season. Our modern "Dots" and classic "Floral" patterns, meticulously crafted in collaboration with British designers, are here to transform your bedroom into a haven of style and warmth.

Polka Dots: Contemporary Elegance

Our "Dots" pattern is a testament to contemporary elegance. It's a modern twist on classic style, a nod to the timeless beauty of design. Created in collaboration with British designers, this pattern incorporates three distinct colours that will envelop you in the warmth of autumn. Purple, coral pink, and blue are not just colours; they are the latest fashion trends.

When you choose our "Dots" pattern, your bedroom undergoes a magical transformation. Your bed becomes a central piece of art, and your room emanates a modern yet warm atmosphere. The "Dots" pattern adds a touch of French flair, elevating your space to new heights of sophistication.

Pure Floral: Mediterranean Serenity

Our "Pure" pattern is a classic that exudes Mediterranean serenity. The timeless grey colour is complemented by the natural green of olives and the bright, complementary hue of lemon yellow. It's like bringing a Mediterranean breeze into your bedroom.

But there's more to our "Pure" pattern. It's a reversible duvet cover set, offering versatility and style. The shades of pink-grey lilac meet the essential colours of autumn, ensuring your bedroom is always in tune with the season.

Viva Magenta: Vibrant Energy

To add a pop of vibrant energy to your bedroom, consider our Viva Magenta. This bold and lively pink colour injects vitality, fashion, and youthfulness into your sleeping space. It's the perfect choice if you want to make a statement and infuse your room with life.

Leruum's autumn collection brings you the best of modern and classic design, all crafted in collaboration with British designers. Whether you opt for the contemporary elegance of "Dots," the Mediterranean serenity of "Pure" or the vibrant energy of "Viva Magenta," you're sure to transform your bedroom into a warm and stylish haven.

Don't miss out on the latest fashion trends for your home. Explore our autumn collection today and embrace the warmth of the season in style. Your bedroom deserves it.

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