How to Take Care of Your Bedding:

We recommend washing your bedding separately a 40 Degree cycle to protect the softness.

You should not dry clean or bleach cotton bedding as these would damage the fabric.

You can tumble dry at low heat and iron your bedding,


Care Instructions


We recommend you to wash your bedding products before you use it for the first time.



All Leruum London products are made of 100% high quality cotton with single-ply yarn long fibres. Cotton is the healthy and comfortable option and is the most widely used natural fibre for bedding products. Cotton bedding helps you have a comfortable sleep thanks to its softness, hypoallergenic qualities and breathable texture.


Fabric Type:

We use Percale, Sateen or Poplin Weave 100% cotton fabric for our bedding products. These fabrics have the same function with different qualities. Your choice depends on personal preference for a matte finish and crisp feel or a silky smooth surface with a luminous shine.


Thread Count:

Thread count is the number of vertical threads (warp) and horizontal threads (weft) used per square inch of fabric.


At Leruum London, we prepare our collections with 145TC or 200TC 100% cotton fabric, while different thread counts can be used for bespoke designs upon request.



Finishing determines the final texture, colour, softness of the sheet. We use Soft Touch and Easy Care finishing to improve the look, performance and feel of bedding products.