Leruum London's peshtemal towels made with 100% Turkish cotton are not your typical terry cloth, but they absorb just as much. Because our peshtemal towels have one side terry and other side flat weaved so you enjoy both terry towel and peshtemal towel in one towel.
Turkish cotton of the highest quality is used to make our peshtemal towels. Made of 100% Turkish cotton. Peshtemal towels are crafted using 16/1 high ring cotton. They retain their form and texture beautifully after numerous washings and are soft, absorbent, and rapid drying. To pick the peshtemal or fouta towel that best suits you, choose from our assortment in white & grey, dark-gray & navy, white & lavender, coral & navy or white & teal colours. Even better, try them all, then mix and blend as you choose. Discover for yourself why the old peshtemal has enjoyed a long history of global acclaim.