Our 100% Turkish cotton bed linen range is specifically made from quality cotton with a 145 to 200 thread count (TC) that feels gentle to the touch and allows your body to breathe while sleeping. Plus, sets of Leruum cotton beddings are available in various colours and sizes, such as single, double, king and super king size duvet covers bedding sets. Also, you can mix and match them into a duvet cover bundle set to create the perfect ambience in your bedroom.
Reasons To Love Leruum's 100% Cotton Bed Linen Range! There are many reasons to love cotton fabric, and Leruum's 100% Cotton Bed Linen Range is a great way to bring luxury, style, and comfort into your home. Few things beat the feeling of getting into a freshly made bed and snuggling up between natural cotton sheets. But why does the cotton fabric feel so good, and why choose Leruum's natural cotton bedding sheets? A Good Night's Sleep Is In The Details! We all feel better after a good night's sleep; at Leruum, we believe the secret to sleep is in the details. The entire Leruum bed linen range has been thoughtfully designed to look fantastic and help you feel more relaxed. Being comfortable between the sheets goes a long way towards helping you unwind and recharge after a busy day at work or looking after the kids. Our cotton bed linen range is specifically made from quality cotton with a 145 to 200 thread count (TC) that feels gentle to the touch and allows your body to breathe while sleeping. Plus, sets of Leruum cotton bed linens are available in various colours and sizes, and you can mix and match them to create the perfect ambience in your bedroom. So let’s now look at what benefits you can enjoy using Leruum’s 100% cotton duvet covers and discover how our 100% cotton duvet cover sets can boost the quality of your sleep. The Advantages of 100% Cotton Bedding Sets Buying quality cotton bed linen and cotton duvet sets makes sense. Cotton is a soft, natural fabric that has been used as the go-to material for bed linen for centuries, and cotton has many benefits. These include: Cotton fabric is breathable Cotton not only feels great, but it is a natural, eco-friendly, and breathable fabric. Cotton sheets, 100% cotton duvet covers, and cotton pillowcases help keep sweat and perspiration to a minimum, meaning you remain comfortable and dry. Pure cotton bed linen also stays cool during the summer and warm in the winter, so you can use cotton bed sets and enjoy a great night between the covers year-round. Cotton is perfect for kids and those with sensitive skin! The anti-allergenic qualities of natural cotton help keep itching and irritation to a minimum, making Leruum’s range of natural bedding sets and children's cotton bed linen range ideal for kids and those with sensitive or delicate skin. If you have sensitive skin and want to improve the quality of sleep for yourself and your child, start using cotton duvet cover sets and sheets! Cost-effective and long-lasting! Pure cotton bed linen sets last, making them very cost-effective and affordable. Cotton is a heat-resistant and low-maintenance fabric, so you can wash cotton sheets at the correct temperature in the washing machine and use cotton bed linen for many years. Cotton sheets don’t need to be replaced that often, making cotton linen a wise natural choice and well worth the money. Luxurious. Use cotton or sateen sheets for affordable luxury. Most luxury hotels and resorts use cotton or sateen sheets in their hotel rooms and suites as they are naturally luxurious fibres. Cotton, when woven, is soft and fluffy, and "sateen" is a cotton weave that feels silky-smooth, making it incredibly comfortable. Choose the cotton fabric or sateen if you want to add a cosy luxurious feel to your bed while still getting a great night's sleep! Benefits for skin and antiaging Help keep ageing and wrinkles away by using soft sateen pillowcases and sheets. Sateen's smooth feel and soft texture can help keep delicate skin from stretching or damaging. Sateen also helps to keep skin moisturised, so it may even help those with dry skin conditions, but 100% cotton pillowcases may work better for oily skin! Improves hair health! The silky smooth feel of sateen linen also has advantages for your hair as it helps to reduce damage from friction and tugging. Cotton fabrics also prevent hair from getting too messy as you roll around in bed at night, so you wake up with fewer knots and tangles. Cotton bedding set to suit all styles and moods! Leruum cotton bed linen sets come in many colours and have been carefully designed so you can mix, match, and create the ideal feel for your bedroom. Add a splash of colour to your room with our striped cotton duvets or dynamic geometric bedding range. If a classic style is more to your taste, look at our sateen bedding sets or English floral bedding range. We have some festive cotton Christmas bedding sets if you're feeling seasonal. Our summer bed sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are a great way to bring light and sunshine into your home. We have a fabulous, fun range of cotton children's bedding for the kids. Please remember our luxury cotton bedding sets are designed for those creating an elegant bedtime retreat. Transform Your Bedroom with A UK Cotton Bedding Set from Leruum Now! Get on the right track to a restful night's sleep and experience the advantages of Leruum's top-quality cotton bed linen. Discover how cosy and comfortable cotton can be with our great sheets, pillowcases, and duvet sets with diverse designs that perfectly match your style and spirit. Check out the complete Leruum Cotton Bedding Collection!