Warm up with Flannel Brushed Cotton Winter Duvet Cover Sets

Winter is here! It is snowing in London, and we are all tempted to spend more time in bed as the weather gets colder. Unfortunately, this year Europe’s energy system faces an unprecedented crisis that may last for several years. Some of us who braved cooler climates are in danger of facing exorbitant heating bills! Fear not! In this article we will guide you to the realm of warmth & softness without having to adjust your thermostat.


Flannel Duvet Cover is Your Bedding Foundation

Leruum’s flannel duvet cover sets are one of the cold weather bedding essentials, and they will work wonders for warding off chills. Our brushed cotton duvet covers made of finest quality 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, a warm fabric for warm winter bedding, which is also completely hypoallergenic. The Thermal insulation in wool is created by the air being trapped between the fibers. Similarly in brushed cotton, the same effect is obtained by brushing the inner part. Fine-toothed metal brushes are used to gently rub the flannel fabric, raising the fibers and producing an incredibly soft surface. During the brushing procedure, extra lint is removed, leaving the material smooth. The brushed cotton fabric's ideal level of insulation comes from the fluffed fibers.

Leruum London’s Flannel Brushed Cotton


Although it is extremely cozy, you won't get too hot. Brushed flannel cotton duvet cover has excellent insulating qualities similar to sateen, but it won't cause you to perspire or become overheated; breathable and airy as regular cotton. Please also note that not all types of cotton are suitable for this process. The Egyptian ones for example are too dry. Leruum brushed cotton is produced by using pure Turkish cotton because they are more soft and fluffy, hence more air is trapped. We manufacture our best duvet covers using a thick thread to ensure highest heat retention. The standard for Leruum London is 180 gr/m² which means extremely high quality flannelette fabric. Consequently it is very resistant, easy to maintain and long lasting.

Best Cotton Duvet Cover Set for Warm Bedding


Everybody has a favorite, extra-soft t-shirt they enjoy wearing while relaxing at home. Well, brushed cotton bedding has the same smooth and relaxing feel and is even warmer. It initially sounds like regular cotton fabric, as its name suggests, but the fabric is fluffed up & luxuriously soft. In fact, brushed cotton bed sheets have that effortlessly stylish appearance and are as breathable and airy as regular cotton. Bedding made of flannelette brushed cotton is never scratchy, comfortable to the touch, and cozy against the skin. The soft, soothing weave may help people with skin conditions, as well as toddlers and kids with sensitive skin. And because of its effortlessly cozy look, the fabric complements a variety of winter bedroom decorations. It makes sense that the fabric is becoming such a popular option for winter duvet covers and sheets.

For all the amazing styles you can use to stay warm and cozy in bed in cold winter nights, check out our green and red plaid flannel brushed cotton duvet cover sets available in single, double, king and super king sizes!

Enjoy snow, enjoy the refreshing winter weather!