Because it's
More comfortable
Easy to maintain
Because you'll wake up to fresh mornings
Feeling well rested, happy and ready for the day!
What else would you like?
We insist on cotton...
We are passionate about cotton...Actually our love for cotton is the reason why we started this journey. It's our white muse!

Our 100 % cotton beddings are designed with our customers'  health and comfort in mind. They fit smoothly over your mattress, protect it from rips or stains while keeping your skin comfortable by preventing unwanted moisture that can cause bacteria, which we might see breeding in the case of the use of polyester bedding.

Cotton is hypoallergenic and one of the most breathable fabrics, thanks to its being weather-resistant and therefore the ideal option for bedding. The natural breathable texture of cotton allows your body heat and sweat to evaporate into the air rather than being soaked into the fabric. Polyester or any other synthetic material would have an opposite effect and cause you to sweat and the moisture to soak in your sheets, especially in warmer months and cause discomfort, allergies and hygiene issues.

Cotton has a long lifespan even when used on a daily basis, this is one of the reasons it is our preferred primary material. Cotton fibres stick together for a longer period compared with synthetic fabrics. We can say that cotton is a good investment due to its durability. 

It is also very easy to maintain cotton bedding. There are no special instructions other than washing them on a normal cycle in the washing machine. They can be tumble-dried on low heat to prevent wrinkling. We recommend that you do not choose synthetic bedding such as polyester or poly-cotton for their slightly lower cost and wrinkle-free quality. This is not achieved by natural means, therefore it is not worth it for your health and comfort in the long run!
Leave your bedding with its wrinkles!
Love your bedding with its wrinkles!
We know how annoying it can be to change your sheets! We wish we had magic hands that would replace the dirty sheets with clean ones instantly! Unfortunately there's no easy way...
But when it comes to ironing we have a new saying: 
Why not leave your bedding with all wrinkles after washing? Relax and be natural! It's new age! It's not worth getting stressed because of ironing...It's about your health, it's about your comfort! Enjoy your cotton beddings with their wrinkles!


Living with Covid-19

Unfortunately Covid-19 has been a part of our lives and it seems as if  we're going to live with it at least for another year. We, first of all, would like to mention our appreciation for NHS workers. We are so grateful for their enormous effort and sacrifices. As Leruum London, we tried to give all our best to support NHS last year and will continue whenever required in future.

We lost so many loved ones nationally and worldwide. Now thanks to the vaccination, there is an important decrease in new cases nationwide. We're expecting release of lockdown rules, however it's clear that it will take time to go back to our normal ways of living.

Living with Covid-19 has affected our life styles in so many ways, but the most important of them is the awareness it created about the value of our health and wellness. As a company always advocating 100% cotton us in bedding sets, we emphasize it's really, really Time to Change to Cotton. A healthy sleep has more than crucial effects on our general wellbeing that we should not compromise for anything else.


The second change in our life styles is staying home, staying safe; now home has become more than a house! It's school, it's workplace, it's shopping mall, it's spa, it's wining & dining, it's sports center, it's everything! Being at home for 24 hours, what we see around has become much more important. While physical health is of priority, our emotional and mental health is quite valuable. We need to nurture our souls as well! So please, surround yourselves with lovely & lively colors or calm ones if you need, with floral and pastoral patterns that would make you feel you're in nature or with joyful geometric designs. Boost your energy and bring joy into your life  with small touches!

Wishing for healthy and cheerful days for all of the world...