Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day Gift Oslo Blush Duvet Cover Set

I always think of Valentine's Day as a little bit unlucky by coming just after a very intensive period of Christmas shopping and New Year celebrations. To tell the truth, joining so many parties and purchasing so many presents for family, friends and colleagues, I feel fed up with gifts and celebrations. And I want to calm down for a while. But a day of love is waiting for all of us to be celebrated in line. A day that I cannot neglect personally.

Although many people nowadays see this special day as part of consumerism -in which they are quite right- and prefer not to buy gifts, I see Valentine's Day as an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the romantic love or sweetheart in our lives. Another day to express how they mean so much to us. Of course, there are many ways to show your love, apart from gifting, but if you like to spoil your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner, we have some Valentine's Day gift ideas for you.

Chocolate in chic heart-shaped boxes, red roses, fine jewellery, candles, and gorgeous perfumes are all that come to mind at first glance, being so romantic. However, the day comes with an expectation of intimacy and indulgence too. Valentines Day Gift Blush Sateen Duvet Cover Set More thoughtful gifts, more luxurious ones taking them away from the everyday routine would have an impressive effect on your loved ones. In the end, Valentine's Day gifts should be different than Christmas or Birthday gifts, don't you think so?

So what we suggest as a gift for this year's Valentine's Day is an intimate, luxurious and indulgent one to be enjoyed together. A gift that would create an inviting and romantic mood to flourish your relationship and spice up your love life: A beautiful bedding set for couples!

Please have a look at our Mix & Match Sateen Collection. A delightfully soft and luxurious sateen bedding set would arouse your feelings, which will keep your lover in bed, that is for sure. You have the chance to mix & match the colours of pillowcases, duvet covers and bedsheets as your lover would like. If you'd like to set a gentle and romantic vibe, use light colours like cream and blush. Or, if you'd like to create a charming and passionate mood, use dark colours like navy or burgundy. Accompanied by candlelight and champagne, you may offer an unforgettable Valentine's Day to your loved one.

If patterned duvet cover sets are your partner's favourite, look at our Griemay Collection. We have reversible Polka Dots design in three gorgeous colours, blue, orange and purple on one side and grey on the other with grey piping adding a touch of luxury and elegance. As you might know the color purple is specifically associated with royalty and the nobility, creating an impression of luxury, wealth and extravagance while the color orange radiates warmth and happiness, uplifts and rejunavates our spirit. We also have Pure floral design in an elegant and classy hue of grey and white. Whole collection is 200 TC, percale woven. You would definitely be appreciated for this gift.

Wish you all a beautiful Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day Gift Purple Polka Dot Duvet Cover Set