Time for Sleep Awareness National Bed Month

Time for Sleep Awareness: National Bed Month

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March is the month for focusing on and reconsidering our sleep quality and therefore our beds. This month has been dedicated to raising awareness about the impacts of a good sleep on our health and wellbeing. Many thanks to The Sleep Council and The Sleep Charity which initiated this awareness month and provided us with many tips that will empower the nation to improve their sleep and that will help us all to get more sleep, but to ensure that we’re getting the best quality sleep possible as well.

The Sleep Charity 

The Sleep Charity are an amazing award winning organization that offer expert advice and support for all on improving sleep from children and teenagers right through to adults. They also run a National Sleep Helpline from the hours of 7am to 9pm Sunday to Thursday, where their trained sleep advisors offers a range of support to those struggling with interrupted sleep, waking early and trouble getting to sleep. You can also refer to Advice Sheets - The Sleep Charity, for their advices on many sleep issues such as relaxation at bedtime, creating an ideal bedroom environment for children, sleep and exams, dealing with jet lags or menopause and sleep.

Consider Changing Your Old Bed

We spend almost one third of our lives sleeping! This clearly means that sleeping is really a significant and crucial part of our lives and of course our health that we cannot neglect anymore, especially in today's exhausting life. The bedroom environment, fabric of your duvet covers and pjs but most importantly your bed affect the quality of a good night's sleep therefore your happiness and health.  A groundbreaking study found that by switching an uncomfortable old bed to a new one meant an extra 42 minutes of sleep! 

So this month we are asked to consider the importance of your bed and along with Bed Advice UK are offering tips on making sure that our bed is up to scratch to offer the perfect night’s sleep. Keep in mind the quality of the beds and mattresses is essential to a good night’s rest. Poor quality beds can cause sleeplessness, emit dangerous and toxic fumes, or trap dust and debris, causing illness.

So has the time come to change your bed? Experts say that that mattresses need to be changed every seven years or so, or as soon as they show signs of wear and tear like sagging, mildew, and stains. If you think your bed may need an upgrade but aren’t quite sure where to start in choosing the best one for you, head to Bed Advice UK for a range of tips on choosing the best bed and mattress for you.

Upgrade your Pillows, Duvets and Bedding Sets

Not only your beds, but also your tired old pillows, duvets and duvet covers may need to be upgraded as well. This month check them all as well! We advise you to use natural fabric, pure cotton duvet cover sets since they are breathable and healthier.  Keeping you comfy and at the right temperature all through the night, they would definitely give you a good night's sleep!

Use the hashtag #NationalBedMonth

If you want to get involved and raise awareness about importance of sound sleep for our heath this month on social channels, you can use the hashtag #NationalBedMonth!

Wishing you all healthy, comfy, good night's sleep!

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